About us

ARCOEDUCATIONAL presents some publishers who deal with the teaching of Italian Language and Culture abroad, as language 2.

The didactic materials they present are validated not only by the long experience and preparation of the authors but also by their adherence to the best and most advanced technological resources. The editorial proposals range over different cultural fields and different linguistic perspectives, in an inescapable interaction between Language and Culture.

The works are intended for students of all levels and adapted to different levels both for the progressive competence of the language and for the topics and themes dealt with. The materials are printed and/or developed online in an interactive, multimedia, hypertextual and communicative way, in a background of problematization of reality, without ever forgetting the creative and divergent dynamics of language.

The Publishers who are part of ARCOEDUCATIONAL propose Works to be used in presence and at a distance, at individual or small group or class level, with the possibility of a continuous and constant interaction between teachers and students.

ARCOEDUCATIONAL supports during the school year teachers and students both through SOCIAL and online and with periodic training and informative meetings.

ARCOEDUCATIONAL’s editors enhance the works of local authors by publishing the most deserving ones that are the result of school experiences.